We Need You!

Our website is only as good as the content it contains and we need your help! Could you assist with any of the following: Photos taken locally, especially nature scenes and social events. Details of any clubs or societies within striking distance of the parish Articles, news and announcements - if you write it then... Continue Reading →

Bees & Honey

I like honey.  I also like my garden.  I don’t, however, like gardening nor the idea of dealing with bees close up or getting bitten.  So I called the Petersfield Bee Society, explained the situation and asked if any of their members might want to use my garden for their hives.  A few months passed... Continue Reading →

Call for Photos

The photos on the website are just placeholders, something to fill the gaps and get the site up and running. Some are quite dated, others low quality - we really need some better and more recent imagery to present our parish in the best possible light! If you have any nice photos taken in the... Continue Reading →

Fly Tipping in Priors Dean

Despite our best efforts as a community we are still suffering from fly tipping and littering along the roads and lanes of the parish. Fast food containers, household and garden waste, old tyres, even a dead dog have have been dumped (and cleared up) in recent months. East Hampshire District Council are responding to reports... Continue Reading →

Welcome to our new website

Hello and welcome to our new website for the Parish of Colemore and Priors Dean. Over the coming months we hope to develop and improve this website to form a central hub for our small community. With such and large area and so few residents we are one of the least densely populated parishes in... Continue Reading →

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