Annual Parish Meeting



(1) Welcome, introductions and apologies
(2) Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 31 March 2017, matters arising
(3) Annual Report of the Chair of the Colemore and Priors Dean Parish Meeting
(4) Annual Report of Councillor Russell Oppenheimer (Hampshire County Council
and South Downs National Park Authority)
(5) Annual Report of Councillor Nick Drew (East Hampshire District Council)
(6) Other Reports:
• Planning Applications
• Rights of Way
• Broadband
• Farnborough Airport
• Parish Communications
(7) Appointment of representatives to other bodies
• Ashford Hangers Consultative Committee
(8) Election of officers for 2018/19
• Chair of Parish Meeting
• Vice-Chairs
• Secretary.
(9) Other Business
• Precept
• Autumn meeting
• General Data Protection Regulations
(10) Open Forum – for residents to address the meeting on any other matters
(11) Date of next annual meeting – 6.30 pm on Friday 29 March 2019


parish meeting 2018 - map 1

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