Bees & Honey

I like honey.  I also like my garden.  I don’t, however, like gardening nor the idea of dealing with bees close up or getting bitten.  So I called the Petersfield Bee Society, explained the situation and asked if any of their members might want to use my garden for their hives.  A few months passed with no one contacting me but then I got a call from a lovely man who had a few hives near Steep.  He duly turned up and walked around checking out the space and now I have one hive, with another due sometime soon.  My reward will be some pots of honey and a warm glow inside that I am helping in a very small way to increase the supply of bees – without any of the work …
If you like bees and honey but do not want the hassle of owning them or working with them yourself then call a Bee Society and see if anyone is interested in using your garden.  There may be someone in Portsmouth with no garden who would love to come up to the Hampshire Alps every so often to check on their happy bees.
Here are links for contact details –

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