Fly Tipping in Priors Dean

Despite our best efforts as a community we are still suffering from fly tipping and littering along the roads and lanes of the parish. Fast food containers, household and garden waste, old tyres, even a dead dog have have been dumped (and cleared up) in recent months.

East Hampshire District Council are responding to reports of fly tipping posted on the website Fix My Street, so if you come across any fly tipping please report it via the site. Filing a report only takes five minutes and the council will – eventually – come and clear the offending items.

In March  Graeme Cotton  (living at Parsons by Warren Corner) organised a community litter collecting day as part of the Clean for the Queen campaign, over twenty bags of litter were collected from Church Lane and the Warren alone. Perhaps we could organise another litter picking outing at some point?

flytipping locations1


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  1. Good idea, perhaps we could have a quarterly effort? How about we keep a record of which companies the waste comes from (Macdonalds, Costa etc) and we send them a bill for the costs of collection??!! That’s what I think the councils should do as well!

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